Environment & Sustainability

Jeakins Weir recognises the environmental impact from its business activities and is committed to adopting and implementing its Environmental Policy.

Equality & Diversity

Jeakins Weir is committed to developing an organisational culture involving all sections of the community and acknowledging the contribution each individual can make to our work.

Health & Safety

Jeakins Weir is dedicated to ensuring it complies with the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and all subsequent legislation.

Community & CSR

Jeakins Weir understands the impact that business activities have on society as a whole, and responding accordingly is central to the way the company conducts itself.


Jeakins Weir recognises that continuous improvement of the quality of its products and service represents a prime opportunity for continued business success.

Customer Support

Jeakins Weir is committed to maximising the benefits to customers and the community through the services we provide.



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