Skate Delight as Work Starts

Skate Delight as Work Starts

Jeakins Weir has begun work building a new and improved skate park in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, for Melton Borough Council.


Skate Park


The scheme, costing in excess of £300,000, involves the removal of the old steel park to create a brand new concrete park with 28 new ramps and rails. The skate park is located at Play Close Park Lane in Melton. It will measure 62.3m by 22m when complete and the facility is expected to be opened in early 2016.

Tony Shipley, Business Development Manager at Jeakins Weir, said the firm was pleased to be working with Melton Borough Council again on such a unique project. 

“This is a really interesting job for us. We will need to clear the ground first before putting a foundation in place to build the new and improved park. Once complete the new Melton Skate Park is expected to provide a facility that will be amongst the best in the UK.”

Jeakins Weir has involved specialist sub-contractor Maverick Industries in the skate park’s design and build.

The project was procured by Melton Borough Council via the empa Framework.  Empa was formed by local authorities in the East Midlands and is managed by Scape. Its aim is to improve the procurement and delivery of construction projects and property maintenance for public-sector bodies – saving time and money for them, and in turn for council taxpayers.

Jeakins Weir was appointed by Scape to the Intermediate Framework for public sector contracts valued at £50K to £2M in January 2014.


Skate Park 2


The groundbreaking ceremony appeared last week in the Melton Times newspaper.